Co-Curricular Activities
The Co-Curricular Activities in Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Irungattukottai.


The entrepreneurial spirit is founded on initiativea€”the willingness to step forward with an idea and take the risk of bringing it to fruition. The changing economic landscape requires entrepreneurs. In MVMI, the students are taught to set goals for themselves, plan how they will reach their goals, and enact their plans. Once students feel comfortable with charting their own course, they will readily launch into activity. By teaching students the inquiry process, you equip them to take initiative. When you step back into a facilitating role, you require students to step forward. Students take the initiative when they QUESTION, CREATE, PLAN, RESEARCH, IMPROVE and PRESENT.


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Robotics is one of the most promising technologies that is going to find its place in almost all the applications of future. From industrial manufacturing and space exploration to driving your car and preparing food in your kitchen, all activities are going to be done by Robots. Robotics was never more important than today. Robots bring a lot of efficiency, accuracy and reliability at low costs, making them ideal for applications all over the world. We teach Robotics and make the students develop an understanding on the technology from school level. This will give them the ability to understand the world and the way the world is getting shaped.


Technology has struggled to find its way into the classroom in all sorts of ways, from projectors and televisions to computer labs and student laptops. Along with improving the way students are taught, it is also vitally important that students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for careers in a world where computers have become as common as the pencil and paper. We teach computer science to the students from class I to X std to bring out more smarter individuals. Class I to VIII follow Eversmile Learning Books and class IX and X follow MindPower Books.


The potential for creativitya€”the act of making something new a€“ lives in each of us. Most of us act less and less upon this potential with every passing year. Our own creativity becomes a memorya€”something we outgrew or lost along the way. If a child grows up believing in her own creative self, she will have a better chance of finding constructive outlets for creative energy in later years. The child's creativity will not be just a memory; it will be a valuable personal resource and something to nourish and to use every day. We teach Art and Craft in our school and develop the students' creativity.


Music stimulates brain development in children, it is a way to connect with other people. Music integrates many different subjects.Music teaches discipline. Music can relieve stress. Studies have found that music can reduce burnout and improve mood states. We teach music and bajan songs in our school which brings out all the above specified qualities in children.

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